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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Billing


Why should I get a breakdown of dental insurance benefits before a patient is treated?

It is the MOST important for the financial health of a dental practice to get the exact, detailed breakdown of a patient’s dental insurance benefits. Dental insurance benefits breakdowns do not necessarily help your dental claims processing, but ultimately allows you to properly give an estimate to a patient before the treatment is started. When the team has ALL the knowledge of the patient’s dental benefit coverage, the office as whole can collect more accurately at the time of service.


Dental insurance benefit breakdowns continue to be one of THE MOST IMPORTANT tools in a dental practice. MEDXCEL is the perfect partner for your team to work more efficiently and have all the proper information they need!


Why do Dental Offices Outsource Billing?
  • We are EXPERTS in the field of dental insurance
  • There are NO additional overhead costs for you
  • We are not distracted by constant phone calls or patients – therefore NOTHING GETS MISSED
  • Your practice gets to keep the phone lines open for patients and your staff is free from time consuming calls with insurance companies
  • Your staff can focus on customer service and keeping the schedule full
  • NO payroll taxes
  • NO health insurance, retirement, bonus payouts, or additional benefits


What can you EXPECT when hiring an outside billing company?
  • #1 we are an extension to your team!
  • All primary and secondary claims sent
  • Electronic attachments and narratives for all necessary procedure codes are used
  • Procedures not attached to claims report
  • Insurance claims to process report
  • Checks dispatched within 24 hours of being scanned into the system
  • End of Day matching deposits for accuracy