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Insurance Claims/Billing


Insurance Verification

Patient Billing

Outsourcing your insurance verification, claims and billing allows you peace of mind and a full focus on patient care. MEDXCEL gives providers a distinct tactical edge to ensure profitability.

As experienced insurance verification specialists,

MEDXCEL ensures practices code-specific verification and necessary information concerning both regular co-payments and deductibles. This includes benefit coverage and limitations for specific codes and procedures.

Identify prior authorizations required before you see your patients

Know your patients’ dental or medical coverage and plan custom treatments and identify non-covered services before providing care.

Fully trained in most practice software while working directly on your practice management system.

Our teams work during your normal business hours and are always available for questions or concerns that arise throughout the day.

Dental Practices

Our comprehensive and affordable Dental Eligibility Verification services are available to:
General Dentists





Oral Surgeons

Pediatric Dentists

Examples of what we verify for include, but are not limited to:

Effective coverage dates

Waiting periods

Maximum deductibles

Treatment history

Benefits used to date

Type of plan and fee schedule

Verify claim submission information

Coverage percentage by category

Implant and Orthodontic coverages

Frequencies, limitations, and exclusions

Missing tooth clause

Any specified codes requested by your office

Prevent costly denials of insurance claims today!

Medical Practices

Our comprehensive and affordable Medical Eligibility Verification services are available to:

General Practitioners



Family Medicine



A large percentage of medical claims are denied or delayed by insurance companies typically due to incorrect or inadequate coverage details provided by patients during their practice visits. This also occurs when the current coverage information is not updated by office staff.  With delayed reimbursements comes a negative impact on cash flow.

MEDXCEL provides practices an experienced team of medical billing and coding experts, who stay on top of changes in health plans and policies.

Prevent costly denials of insurance claims today!