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Don’t Be Confused by Codes

Below are situations where a provider may consider outsourcing their dental billing:
  • Your billing process is inefficient
  • You have high staff turnover
  • You’re not tech savvy
  • You’re a new provider
  • You have different business priorities
  • You’re outstanding claims are not getting paid
  • You’re re-submitting multiple times and not coding correctly

Don’t be confused by CODES!

A common misconception in practices is that it is the administrative team’s responsibility to know the codes and their definitions. It is equally important for the clinical team and dentist to know each procedure code and its exact correlation with the procedure that was performed.

It is important NOT TO ALLOW INSURANCE TO DICTATE the treatment provided to the patient.

Everyone should always perform the procedure that is needed on the patient and then choose the procedure code that best describes the procedure. Some codes have similar definitions, therefore causing confusion when trying to select the appropriate code to bill out.